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2. Don't have a Skype-ready TV?

Select a solution that allows you to make calls on your existing TV

1. For TVs with Skype built-in

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Logitech TV Cam HD gives you the freedom to move around the room naturally while connecting with the people that matter most

Skype on your TV

Enjoy high quality Skype calls with family and friends from your living room with Skype on your TV. Gone are the days of trying to squeeze the whole family into shot  – the wide angle camera on your TV screen lets you all share the limelight. 

You can experience Skype on your TV two ways:

1. If your TV already has Skype built-in

skype-ready-tv Lots of Smart TVs come with Skype now. Some high-end models also have an integrated camera. In this case, all you have to do is sign in, gather the family and — hey presto — you're catching up from the comfort of your sofa. Otherwise, all you’ll need to get started is a compatible TV camera. To find the right TV camera for you, just select the brand of your TV in the box on the left and we’ll show you some options.

2. If your TV doesn’t come with Skype

blue-ray-player You have different ways to get Skype on your TV. Either choose an all-in-one TV Cams, everything you need is inside the camera. Or, you can get Skype on your TV with a Blu-ray player and a TV camera. We’ve got everything you’ll need in our shop.


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